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Stargazing Log
Min OS Version:2.1
Application Type:Application
Current Version:1.0.2
Description:Stargazing Log is the best way to track all of your astronomical observations! Enter your Telescopes, Eyepieces, and other astronomy equipment into the Equipment Manager, and log all of the sightings that you make. The application can save the date, object type, object name, notes, and equipment that was used when making the observation.

Log your sightings of Messier Objects, New General Catalog (NGC) Objects, Planets, and the Moon!

Browse your previous sightings by the most recent, by date, or by object. You can also view statistics of your astronomical views.

Includes a Night Mode and an Astronomer's Flashlight that shines red, to save your night vision.

Capable of backing up the database to the SD card, along with exporting the data to a CSV file.
Development Status:Active Development
Market Link:Stargazing Log
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