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Bright Charge
Min OS Version:2.2
Application Type:Application
Current Version:2.0.0
Description:Use your device's notification light to display the current charging status of your battery!

This service will display how full your battery is while it is charging by changing the color of the notification light. Red means the battery is low, and as the battery charges, the light will transform up the color gradient to green! When the battery is fully charged, the notification light will turn blue.

Instantly know how charged your battery is just by looking at your phone, even from across the room.

This service automatically starts when a charger(AC or USB) is plugged into the device, and automatically shuts off when the device is unplugged!

You must open the application once after installation before the service will work properly. After the application has been opened once, you do not need to open it again for the service to function properly.

If you install this service while the device is plugged into a charger, you must unplug the device, and re-plug it back into the charger after installation before the service will work properly.

Gives you the option to disable the notifications for the current charging cycle, or until re-enabled, in the settings menu.

WARNING #1: While this application is active(while charging your device), the notification light will not blink for any other notifications, only for the charging status. If you require the notification light for something else while charging, disable this service for the current charge cycle in the settings menu.

WARNING #2: This application will only function properly on devices containing a notification light with Red, Green, and Blue LEDs. Devices containing notification lights that do not support all three colors may have unexpected results. Devices with no notification light will not be able to use this application properly.

Tested on Galaxy Nexus and OG Droid. Please test on your device immediately after installation to ensure compatibility.
Development Status:Active Development
Market Link:Bright Charge
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