EULA and Privacy Policy:

This page describes the general End User License Agreement (EULA) and Privacy Policy for all applications that do not contain their own version, packaged with and accessible from directly within the application. Any application which includes a EULA and Privacy Policy within the application will use said EULA and Privacy Policy over this one.

General Application End User License Agreement:

This document describes the terms and conditions of the "General Application". The term "General Application" will be used to describe any application that does not contain it's own version of a EULA and Privacy Policy, along with any application, including Web Applications, found on CWE Software LLC's official website. By using the application, you agree to the terms described here. If you do not agree to the terms described in this document, uninstall the application immediately.

Software is provided "as is", without any warranty, either expressed or implied, to the extent permitted by applicable law. CWE Software LLC is in no way responsible for the use of an application, or the fitness of an application for any particular use, and is not responsible for any risks or damages that may be inflicted from using said software.

Our software may not be redistributed, modified, or reverse engineered without expressed, written consent from CWE Software LLC.

"General Application" uses third party software, possibly including "Mobclix" and "AdMob". CWE Software LLC is not responsible for the actions, intents, or behaviors of any third party software or code used.

Privacy Policy:

This document or section of a document describes the privacy policy exhibited by a "General Application" and CWE Software LLC. If you do not agree with the policies outlined in this document, uninstall the application immediately.

Data Collected By CWE Software LLC:

CWE Software LLC does not collect any personally identifiable information from users of a "General Application" that is not directly submitted by the user. Some applications may collect information explicitedly entered into the application for the purpose of sending to CWE Software LLC, such as a high score or feedback. Said information may be retained by CWE Software LLC indefinitely, and any information submitted can be deleted at any time. CWE Software LLC may collect annonymous information regarding the installation and integrity of an installed application.

Third Parties:

General Applications utilizes third party libraries, possibly including "Mobclix" and "AdMob" for monetization. Please reference Mobclix's and AdMob's privacy policies for more information.

CWE Software LLC is not responsible for the actions, behavior, or privacy policies of third party libraries and code.